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Supporters and donations

The Young Medical Ethics Network (JMED) offers many free information and mentoring services. In doing so, JMED receives limited financial support from the Academy for Ethics in Medicine. The organization of events is largely financed by participation fees, or co-sponsored by the organizing institutes.

The day-to-day business of JMED is made possible solely by the voluntary commitment of the members and especially the K-Team. A lot of time is invested in keeping members up to date, facilitating networking and designing new event formats. However, this also incurs other ongoing costs.


To cover these, there is an opportunity to donate to JMED. The funds are used for:

  • The hosting as well as the maintenance and further development of the JMED website.

  • Hardship or solidarity funds for members without funding, e.g. to participate in our events.

  • Fees for trainers and speakers.

Your donation will be used solely for these purposes. Upon request, the AEM can confirm your donation with a donation receipt in accordance with German tax law. For donations of up to 200 euros, the bank statement is valid as a donation receipt.

Please make donations to the following AEM donation account at Volksbank Kassel/Göttingen:

DE85 5209 0000 0043 3129 01
Intended purpose: JMED donation


The Young Medical Ethics Network is a forum for young scientists in the Academy for Ethics in Medicine e.V. (AEM). The AEM supports JMED administratively and to a limited extent financially.

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